Dyches Family Genealogy

This line of the Dyches family begins with:

Josiah Dyches and Lucinda (?)

Map of Louisiana highlighting Saint Tammany Parish

Map of Louisiana highlighting Saint Tammany Parish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Josiah and Lucinda came from South Carolina to St. Tammany Paris Louisiana in the early 1800s.  It is believed that Joseph died before 1820.  Lucinda and most of her children came to Texas before 1830.  Their son Joseph Josiah Dyches, and at least one other son fought in the Texas Revolution.  One of their duaghters, Jerusha D. Dyches, married David Hutcheson McFadin, who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto.  The McFadin home became a historical landmark, and some of the Dyches family were buried on their land.

Artistic interpretation of the Battle of San J...

Artistic interpretation of the Battle of San Jacinto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bingham Ancestry for this site

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This line of Binghams has been very difficult to trace. When we began this search, no living member of our family that we could find even knew the names James S. Bingham and Lavica Ann Dyches Bingham.  By participating in a Family Tree DNA  project in May 2004, we got a match with two other participants.


FamilyTreeDNA.com (Photo credit: jasonpearce)

An explanation of the process best comes from that site, which states “The Y-Chromosome is passed from father to son unchanged, except for a mutation about every 500 generations. Testing the y chromosome provides a genetic finger print consisting of 12 or 25 markers. This finger print is then compared against that of other men in the Surname Project by matching the markers. By comparing the fingerprints, or markers you can determine if you are related”. Family Tree DNA currently has over 800 surname projects. To see if there is one for a surname you are interested in, go to this site.

This line begins with James S. Bingham and Lavica Ann Dyches.