Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried to reach you with email at the old site, but got no response or it was returned. What is the problem?

I really apologize, but my email at the old site was a disaster.  Please go to the “Contact” page here at the new site, and I will respond.

Some information you have about my family is wrong.

I am so sorry.  Please leave the information again on the “Contact” page at this site, and I will fix it.

How can I get started searching my roots that are not on this web-site?

WWW.rootsweb.com is a free site with a wealth of information.  Start there. If you are willing to pay a few dollars a month, www.ancestry.com is an excellent source.  Don’t forget the the best source – your relatives!  You would be surprised to find out how much information people in your extended family can give you to jump-start your searches. Seek out the ones you know and continue from there. Here are some interview-questions for a list of meaningful questions to ask relatives.  I have used it to have some willing relatives write down priceless information.  Not sure where I got the list now, but just an answer to a few of the questions is helpful.

I don’t see some people I think I should see on pages that pertain to my family. In some cases, I’m sure you have that information. How come?

In some cases, I just need you to send me the info. But keep in mind that it is standard practice in the genealogy world, not to post information about people that are less than 72 years old. The reason that is the standard is that the Census records are only released to the public after that time.

/Bob’s boy

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