This line of the Dyches family begins with

Josiah Dyches and Lucinda (?), who came from South Carolina to St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana – and then to Williamson county (and other counties in) Texas.

Most researchers for this Dyches line list Lucinda’s maiden name as Taliaferro, but it has been rightly pointed out to us by someone far more knowledgeable (thank you, P.M.!) that there is no primary evidence of that.  If you personally can point the way to any, it would be greatly appreciated.

1 thought on “Dyches

  1. I have undeniable proof that Lucinda was the daughter of Richard Taliaferro. Richard died during the battle of Guilford Courthouse during the revolution and she was raised in North Carolina and Georgia by her mother and grandfather. Also if you are interested I have published 7 out of eight eventual volumes on the Dyches family. This currently consists of over 3,000 published pages. I have approx. 6 more volumes to go and when I am done the history will cover about 7,000 pages and over 20,000 descendants of Josiah and Lucinda. P. M. as you call her is my co-author. If you would like to know more feel free to contact me.

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