Copyright Info

Materials on this non-profit website may be copied by relatives of the website owners, both close relatives and distant, with limitations

  • The number of people that we are grateful to for providing information, photos and documents for this website is too large to list individually, and most would prefer not having their names mentioned anyway.  But we have found that although it is a labor of love, genealogy can be very hard work and is extremely time-consuming.  A special thanks therefore to all of the relatives, friends, and many generous people who have given their permission to use their photos, including hard-working photographers who have spent countless hours walking through cemeteries.  Your work is appreciated!
  • We believe in the free sharing of genealogical information. Any of our relatives, however distant, are welcome to copy any information, documents or photos (with limitation below) from this site for their own personal use.

If a relative would like to use any information, documents or photos on their personal website, or non-profit use, we will grant the request on the following conditions:

  • The website must not contain, refer to, or link to any site that promotes, refers to, or links to any pornographic, obscene, or otherwise offensive material.
  • If you use any of this material on an approved website, we require a link to this site placed along side that material. The intention in this aspect is to have an opportunity to exchange more information with another relative.
  • Photos require explicit permission for usage.  The reason for this is that some photos used here have been given or granted use of by others – therefore, those persons own the copyright for those photos.  In some cases, we may not be able to obtain permission for your use.  But that does not make it permissible to use them anyway.  Many people have spent hard hours working to provide those pictures.  Please do not simply upload a photo to or some other commercial site.

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