Elizabeth Matilda “Bess” Wood

Elizabeth Matilda “Bess” WOOD  was born 21 Nov 1890 in Brown Co., TX, and died Feb. 19, 1987 n Comanche County, TX.  She was the daughter of George Edward Wood and Mary Pamelia Miller..  She married JAMES HENRY STEPHENSON 06 Mar 1907 in Comanche County, TX.  He was born 12 Mar 1888 in Texas and died Jan 13, 1964 in Comanche County, TX.

Children of Elizabeth Matilda “Bess” WOOD and JAMES HENRY STEPHENSON

AUDRA MAE STEPHENSON b. 15 Jul 1908, Comanche County, TX, d. 28 Apr 1987 in Comanche County, TX, m. Earl Williams
AVERY CHISM STEPHENSON b. 17 Aug 1911, Comanche County, Texas; d. 7 May 1995 in Midland County, TX; m. Linnie Moore Dec 24, 1940
LONNIE ADRON STEPHENSON b. 28 Jan 1914, Comanche County, Texas, d. 15 Oct 1962 in Comanche County, Texas
EVELYN NAOMI STEPHENSON b. 31 Oct 1918, Comanche County, Texas, d. 23 Sep 1996 in Comanche County, Texas; m. Jerry Joe Littlejohn Mar 6, 1938
MARY MYRL STEPHENSON b. 7 Jun 1920, Comanche County, Texas, d. 15 Nov 2001 in Dallas County, TX; m. John Pat Narry
Iris Zanette STEPHENSON b. 6 May 1923, Comanche County,Texas, d. 18 Jan 1997 in Tarrant Co. TX; m. Lloyd Axel Swanson
ILA Fay STEPHENSON b. 5 Jan 1926, Comanche County, Texas, d. 1 Mar 2001 in Tarrant Co. TX; m. W.H. Bearden, Jr.
IRA RAY “STEVE” STEPHENSON b. 05 Jan 1926, Comanche County, Texas, d. 12 Oct 2009 in Potter Co. TX

Genealogical Sources

  • Census: 1910, Comanche County, TX, Precinct 5, ED 10, HH 51, April 20, 1910
  • Census: 1930, Taylor County, TX, Precinct 7, ED 221-29, HH 77, Apr 11, 1930

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