Eastham L. Ballinger

EASTHAM L. BALLINGER was born March 1862 in Missouri. He was the son of Olive May Keith and ARCHILLIS GARRARD BALLINGER .He married FANNIE HAWKINS Abt. 1883. She was born January 1867 in Missouri.


BESSIE BALLINGER b. October 1884, Indian Territory.
KEATHIE BALLINGER b. June 1887, Indian Territory.
FRANCIS C. BALLINGER b. March 1890, Indian Territory.
BYRD E. BALLINGER b. April 1894, Indian Territory.
LENA B. BALLINGER b. March 1896, Indian Territory.
KATIE L. BALLINGER b. Abt. 1902, Oklahoma.
EASTHAM A. BALLINGER b. Abt. 1907, Oklahoma.
CLARENCE M. BALLINGER b. Abt. 1908, Oklahoma.

Genealogical Sources

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