Miller Green Keith

MILLER GREEN KEITH was born May 01, 1878 in Eastland County, TX, and died September 27, 1948 in Mason County, TX. He was the son of MILLER FRANKLIN KEITH and RACHAEL SERENA DUNCAN. He married IDA CAVNESS, daughter of JASPER CAVNESS and MARTHA DOYLE. She was born January 07, 1883 in Mason County, TX, and died January 1959. The family spent some time in Llano County. Then they moved back to Mason County.


ALBERT KEITH b. Abt. 1906, probably in Llano County, Texas; m. Ida ? abt 1925 in Mason County, TX.
LEONARD KEITH b. Abt. 1908, probably in Llano County, Texas.
LINLEY KEITH b. Abt. 1913 in Texas
RUTHIE KEITH b. Abt. 1915 in Texas
JAMES KEITH b. Abt. 1917 in Texas
MILLER R. KEITH b. Abt. 1920 in Texas.
EDWARD KEITH b. Abt. 1923 in Texas.
RUBY KEITH b. Abt. 1925 in Texas.

Genealogical Sources

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