Thomas J. Shelley

THOMAS J. SHELLEY was born April 21, 1881 in Bell County, Texas. He was the son of Emily York and Peter Shelley. He married HATTIE HOOKER Abt. 1903 in New Mexico. She was born Abt. 1880 in New Mexico.


VIOLA J. SHELLEY b. Abt. 1904, New Mexico.
EDWIN T. SHELLEY b. Abt. 1906, New Mexico.
MAE A. SHELLEY b. Abt. 1907, New Mexico.
LUCY SHELLY b. Abt. 1909, New Mexico.
WORTHINGTON SHELLEY b. Abt. 1911, New Mexico.
WILLIAM H. SHELLEY b. Abt. 1913, New Mexico.
LAWRENCE H. SHELLEY b. Abt. 1914, New Mexico.
LEE VERNON SHELLEY b. Abt. 1916, New Mexico.

Genealogical Sources

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