Elenora Palestine Keith

ELENORA PALESTINE KEITH was born March 01, 1867 in Nolanville, Bell County, TX, and died October 11, 1940 in Goldthwaite, Mills County, TX. She was the daughter of Abijah Birden Keith and Delilah Adeline Jones. She married WILLIAM J. STARK Abt. 1882 in Texas. He was born March 1860 in Missouri.


LILLY STARK b. April 05, 1885, Mills County, Texas; d. December 06, 1963, Goldthwaite, Mills County, TX.
DOCIA STARK b. August 01, 1886, Mills County, Texas; d. November 07, 1973, Bakersbield, Kern County, California.
JOHN ABIJAH STARK b. October 18, 1887, Goldthwaite, Mills County, TX; d. July 22, 1975, Arizona.
ANTHONY STARK b. November 12, 1889, Mills County, Texas; d. February 14, 1974, Goldthwaite, Mills County, TX.
WILLIAM CHARLES STARK b. February 05, 1892, Mills County, Texas; d. September 02, 1965, Temple, Bell County, TX; m. AUDREY P. ?, Abt. 1919, Texas; b. Abt. 1900, Texas.
ADELINE STARK b. December 15, 1893, Mills County, Texas; d. June 01, 1957, Texas.
WILLIAM KEITH b. July 1897, Texas.
HUGH ALBERT STARK b. July 25, 1895, Mills County, Texas.
NILE WESLEY STARK b. April 10, 1897, Mills County, Texas; d. January 13, 1976, Lancaster, Los Angeles County, California.
VIRGINIA CHLOE STARK b. May 22, 1899, Mills County, Texas; d. February 21, 1980, Carlsbad, Eddy California.
EDITH STARK b. Abt. 1903, Mills County, Texas.
JENNETTA VIOLA STARK b. Abt. 1910, Mills County, Texas.

Genealogical Sources

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