Thomas Johnston Holliday and Margaret Emily Patton

Victoria County Courthouse

Victoria County Courthouse (Photo credit: Sean_Marshall)

THOMAS JOHNSTON HOLLIDAY was born Abt. 1805 in Wilkes County, Georgia and died Nov 1869 in Victoria, Victoria County, TX.  He was the son of Ayres Holliday and Olivia Johnston..  He married MARGARET EMILY PATTON 07 Oct 1836 in Claiborne County, Claiborne, MS, daughter of FRANCIS PATTON and MALINDA THURMAN. She was born 18 Oct 1814 in Georgia, and died Bef. May 1868 in Victoria, Victoria County, TX .

(Source: Family Data Collection – Births.),

(Source: 1870 Census Schedule 2, Schedule 2–Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1870, in Precincts nos. 3 & 4, in the County of Victoria, State of Texas, List month of death as November, cause of death pneumonia.).


THOMAS P. HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1840, Copiah County, MS
FRANCIS AYRES HOLLIDAY b. 26 Aug 1842, Copiah County, MS; d. 12 Jan 1910, Hext, Menard County, Texas.
MYRA R. HOLLIDAY b. Jun 1844, Copiah County, MS
ARTEMESIA HOLLIDAY b. Nov 1846, Copiah County, MS; d. 1913
JOHN J. P. HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1849, Copiah County, MS
ROBERT S. HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1851; d. Abt. 1873, Victoria County, TX
WILLIAM B. HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1853, Texas; d. Bet. 1893 – 1900, Texas

Genealogical Sources

  • 1840, Copiah County, MS
  • 1850, Copiah County, MS, Dwelling #237, August 20, 1850
  • 1870 Census Victoria County, TX Precincts 3 & 4 pg 6 Carloss Ranch P.O.
  • THOMAS P. HOLLIDAY Civil War Service: Served in 21st Cavalry Regiment [also called 1st Texas Lancers] with is brother Frank Ayres Holliday. The regiment was organized during the spring of 1862, with about 800 men. They were from Parker, Dallas, Bell, and Austin counties. It was assigned to Hawes’, Cooper’s, Steele’s, and Lane’s Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. The unit was active in Marmaduke’s Missouri Raid, then skirmished in various conflicts in Louisiana where a detachment reported 5 killed and 4 wounded at Calcasieu Pass. Later it saw action in Arkansas. The 21st disbanded before the surrender in June, 1865. Colonel George W. Carter, Lieutenant Colonel DeWitt C. Giddings, and Major Benjamin D. Chenoweth were in command.  Military service: Bet. 1862 – 1865, 21st Texas Cavalry (Ist Texas Lancers), CSA.
  • Census: 1870, Goliad County, Texas, HH 82, Jul 17 1870
  • Census: 1880, Goliad County, TX, Precinct 2, ED 63, HH 89, June 3, 1880
  • Census: 1910, Harris County, TX, Precinct 1, ED 60, HH 83, April 19, 1910
  • Victoria County Probate Records: THOMAS HOLLIDAY – 1869 ESTATE
    The State of Texas } In County Court
    County of Victoria } November Term 1869
    Estate of Thomas Holliday – dec’d ~
    Thomas P. Holliday, having this day presented his petition to the Court praying that letters of Administration be granted to him upon the estate of his father, Thomas Holliday, dec’d, late of Victoria County-, and also praying for his immediate appointment as Administrator pro tem of said Estate, and it appearing from said petition that said Thomas Holliday, at the spring term of 1869 of the District Court of Victoria County-, in a suit therein pending, recovered a judgment against Truman Phelps, David F. Williams and Wm F. Cook for two Leagues of Land originally granted to Santiago and Lazora Serna situated in the San Antonio river in Victoria County-, and that a writ of possession therefor was awarded by said Court in favor of Thomas Holliday and by said Court-, and it further appearing that said judgment has been removed to the Supreme Court for decision, and it also further appearing by said petition that upon the portion of said land claimed by and recovered against Truman Phelps, there were at the date of said judgment-, valuable improvements including a dwelling house and other buildings~ And it further appearing that said Truman Phelps is about wrongfully to [remove?] said dwelling house from said land, and to do and commit other acts of waste thereon to the injury of said Estate ~ It is therefore ordered and by the court: – That said Thomas P. Holliday be and he is hereby appointed administrator pro tem of the Estate of Thomas Holliday, deceased, with full power to do all acts necessary to protect the property and interests of said Estate, And that he is hereby authorized to institute suit by injunction and to restrain the said Truman Phelps from removing the dwelling house or other improvements from said Land and from committing waste of any kind thereon; and that he be further authorized to institute and carry on any other legal proceedings necessary to protect the property and rights of said Estate.
    Given under my hand and seal this 29th day of Nov.r 1869
    C. Carnes Cnty Judge
    [The General Index to the Minutes of Victoria County Probate Court indicate that final settlement of Thomas Holliday’s estate did not occur until 1879] <Provided by John Glenn>

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