Ayres Holliday and Olivia Johnston

A fire in 1958 destroyed the 1904 Wilkes Count...

A fire in 1958 destroyed the 1904 Wilkes County Courthouse's original roof and clock tower, leaving it with a flat roof until a restoration project in 1989. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AYRES HOLLIDAY was born Abt. 1750 in Ireland, and died Bet. 1830 – 1840 in Washington County, Louisiana. He was the son of William Holliday and Ann Ayres.  He married (1) OLIVIA JOHNSTON. She died Bet. 1810 – 1816 in Mississippi. He married (2) CENITH SIMMONS 17 Apr 1817 in Marion County, Mississippi.


SARAH HOLLIDAY b. 24 Sep 1795, Lincoln County, GA; d. 13 Nov 1854, Victoria County, Texas (Source: Victoria, Texas – Evergreen Cemetery); m. (1) JAMES GRAVES, 26 Oct 1814, Marion County, Mississippi (Source: Mississippi Marriages, 1776 – 1935.); d. Abt. 1827, Mississippi; m. (2) JACOB B. REID, 12 Feb 1832, Copiah County, MS (Source: Mississippi Mariages to 1826 – 1850, Groom Name Bride Name Marriage Date County JACOB B. REID SARAH [Mrs] GRAVES 12 February 1832 COPIAH .); b. Abt. 1804, South Carolina; d. Victoria County, Texas.
JOHN JOHNSTON HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1802, Wilkes County, Georgia; d. 18 Jan 1838, Copiah County, Mississippi.
ELIZABETH HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1804, Wilkes County, GA; d. Abt. 1841, Mississippi
THOMAS JOHNSTON HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1805, Wilkes County, Georgia; d. Nov 1869, Victoria, Victoria County, TX
MARTHA HOLLIDAY b. Abt. 1809, Wilkes County, Georgia
NANCY HOLLIDAY b. Bef. 1810.
UNKNOWN DAUGHTER HOLLIDAY b. Bef. 1810, Wilkes County, Georgia
MARGARET HOLLIDAY b. 21 Nov 1810, Wilkes County, GA; d. 22 Feb 1890, Hubbard, Hill County, TX.
  • (Source: MARION COUNTY MISSISSIPPI, 1812-1899, COMPUTER INDEXED MARRIAGE RECORDS, Nicholas Russell Murray, MARION COUNTY MISSISSIPPI, 1812-1899, COMPUTER INDEXED MARRIAGE RECORDS (Hunting for Bears, Inc., P. O. Box 278, Hammond, Louisiana 70404):DateGroomBride4/17/1817Hillday, AyersSimmons, Cenith10/26/1814Graves, JamesHolliday, Sarah.).
  • Some Georgia County Records, Vol. 1 (Lucas)
  • Southern Historical Press Greenville, SC p. 23
  • Columbia County Deeds/Mortgages, p. 113Rec 2 May 1793. Deed dated 22 Oct 1791 bet Thomas WILLINGHAM and Olley Willingham of Col Co and also Alexander JOHNSON, Ayres HOLLIDAY, John WALKER, Cornelius JOHNSON, Jacob JOHNSON, John JOHNSON, Salley JOHNSON, Mijay JOHNSON of WILKES Co of one part and Robert ALLEN of Col Co, consid of 150 lbs Sterl convey tract in Col Co on White Oak Creek, orig gtd to RICHARD CASTLEBERRY by patent 29 July 1785 cont 100 acres, being part of 200 acres gtd JACOB
  • Lincoln county court house will book 1796 to 1807 Pg 13,14
  • In the Name of God amen, I John Sudduth of this State of Georgia and county of Lincoln being low in body but sound and perfect mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manor and form following

First I will and order that all my just debts shall be paid. I then give and bequeath all estate both ??? and personal to by beloved wife Ann Sudduth during natural life, and after her disease to be agreeably divided between my two sons John Sudduth and Henry Sudduth. To them and heirs forever and lastly I appoint Elijah Sudduth and Jonathan Armstrong Executors to my estate. In witness to where of I sign here unto wit my hand & seal the twenty second day of April in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred ninety eight

Signed Sealed and Acknowledged by the above named John Sudduth to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who have him unto ?????? our name as witnesses in the presence of the testator {John Sudduth}
William Evans
Benjamin Elliot
Andrew West

  • Pg 115
  • Came personally before me Charles Blauton, Ayers Holliday, and Nathan Ragan and being duly sworn provided to appraise the property John Sudduth decsd. dom the 4th day of November 1802.

Before me:Wm Evans JP

Charles Blauton
Ayres Holliday
Nathan Ragan

10 head of horned cattle $62. 1 brown bay horse $68 =$127.00
1 so??? colt $25, 1 feather bed and furnishings 40 = 65.00
1 feather bed & do 40. 2 bed coving 5, 1 small table 2 = 47.00
6 chairs 3. 1 corner cupboard and cooking oven 18 = 21.00
1 looking slop .75. 2 spinning wheels 5. 1 chest 1.50 = 7.25
????? of pot frame 14. ???? of kitchen furniture 15 = 29.00
????? of plantation tools 13, 21 head of hogs 58 = 71.00
1 rug and 2 sifters = 1.50

Be it remembered that on this ninth day of December A D Eighteen hundred
and twenty four. Personally appeared James H. Harvey who produced and
exhibited to me an instrument of writing requesting the same to be
admitted of record, and which is in the words and figures following to wit;
State of Louisiana Parish of St. Helena. Know all men by these presents
that we Ares Holliday and Margey Hall of the state and parish aforesaid,
for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred Dollars to us in
hand will and truly paid by James H. Harvey, the receipt where of we do
hereby acknowledge, do hereby grant, bargain sell and convey unto the
said J. H. Harvey, his heirs, executors, administrator or assignees all
our rights, titles, interest or claim in and to a certain tract or
parcel of land lying and being in the state and parish aforesaid,
situated on Darlings Creek, and bounded by lands of J. H. Harvey, on the
south and on the north the claim of the tract held by the surviving
heirs of J Holliday the land in question being the part allotted the
aforesaid Ares Holliday an a division of the whole, containing two
hundred and four acres, to have and to hold the said granted and bargain
in tract or parcel of lands unto the said James Harvey his heirs,
executors, administrators and assignees to his or their only person use
benefit and behoove forever and we the said A. Holliday and M. Hall do
convent and conclude with the said Harvey his heirs assignees. That we
are the true and lawful owners of the said parcel or tract of land and
that it is free of all and every confection or encumbrance whatsoever
and that we have good and lawful right and are authorized to sell or
other wide distribute of the same and that we will warrant and defend
the land unto the said Harvey his heirs forever against the of any
and every person or persons. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence
of the attained witness. This fourth day of December A.D. Eighteen
hundred and twenty four

Ares Holliday (seal) James Goodwin
Margey Hall her mark (seal) John Allen

  • From John Glenn:
  • Nicholas Russell Murray, COPIAH COUNTY MISSISSIPPI, 1823-1875, COMPUTER INDEXED MARRIAGE RECORDS (Hunting for Bears, Inc., P. O. Box 278, Hammond, Louisiana 70404, 1981):

Date Groom Bride
9/15/1825 Millsaps, Thomas Holliday, Elisabeth
6/5/1826 Shoemaker, David Hilliday, Martha M.
2/12/1832 Reid, Jacob B Graves, Sarha Mrs.
[Martha Holliday (“Hilliday” is a misspelling) and Elisabeth (or Elizabeth) Holliday were daughters of Ayres and Olivia (Johnson) Holliday; see the excerpts from the Catchings-Holliday book and Goodspeed’s BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL MEMOIRS OF MISSISSIPPI, above. The fact that these marriages occurred in Copiah County suggests that Ayres Holliday lived in Copiah County at some time, as the Catchings-Holliday book states. Sarah Graves is presumably – see above – his daughter, who had earlier married James Graves in Marion County.]

  • Census: 1830, Washington County, LA, page 85


Marriage: 26 Oct 1814, Marion County, Mississippi (Source: Mississippi Marriages, 1776 – 1935.)

Marriage: 12 Feb 1832, Copiah County, MS (Source: Mississippi Mariages to 1826 – 1850, Groom Name Bride Name Marriage Date County JACOB B. REID SARAH [Mrs] GRAVES 12 February 1832 COPIAH .)

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