George M. Morgan

George M. Morgan was born about 1835 in New York (occupation in 1880 listed as traveling salesman).  He married Elizabeth “Libbie” (last name unknown). Elizabeth (Libbie) was born in Pennsylvania about 1837. According to multiple census records, both of George’s parents were born in New York as well – have not found them yet.  His parents were probably born just after the War of 1812, so being born in New York (so close to the besieged Washington capital) could end up being helpful as far as military records go.

We find George Morgan and his family in the 1870 census for Douglass, Iroquois County, Illinois.  Sometime between July 12, 1870 (when the census was taken) and 1877, George and his family were back in New York for some period of time, then back in Illinois before moving to Ohio.  Was this because of George’s profession or due to some living relative in New York?  The child, Jennie, listed below is a bit of a mystery.  Although she was born about 1855, she is not listed on the 1860 census with George and Libbie.  Being about 5 years old at the time, she could have been staying with grandparents or some other relative.  She could have been a younger sister to George (18 years would be a bit of a stretch, but not unheard of).  She could have been a niece or cousin as well.  Maybe we’ll see later.  The other mystery of the 1860 Illinois census record is that a woman named Esther Morgan is living with George and Elizabeth, also born in New York.   She is 41, compared to George who is 26.  Is she an older sister that never married, or a widowed sister-in-law?  She could possibly be George’s mother, 15 years old when he was born. Marriage at the age of 14 was a common occurrence in those days.  More research is needed on this.

Children of George M. Morgan and Elizabeth (Libbie) are:

Jennie Morgan born about 1855 in Pennsylvania
Etta Morgan born about 1858 in Illinois
Lester Morgan born 1860 in Illinois  (the 1870 census lists him as a female named “Lesta” – a common error in the census)
Lizzie Morgan born about 1864 in Illinois
May Morgan born about 1868 in Illinois
Pearlie Morgan born about 1877 in New York

Genealogical Sources

  • 1860 Census Beaver, Iroquois County, Illinois, Page 39, Dwelling # 277
  • 1870 Census Douglass, Iroquois County, Illinois, Page 28, Dwelling # 202
  • 1880 Census Cincinnati ` , Hamilton County, Ohio, Page 14, ED #171, Dwelling #237

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