Matthew Winston Cartwright and Susan Lorraine Sykes

MATTHEW WINSTON CARTWRIGHT was born 22 Jan 1815 in Alabama, and died 04 Dec 1884 in Texas.  He was the son of Thomas Peter Cartwright, Jr. and Elizabeth Shaw.  He married SUSAN LORRAINE SYKES 12 Dec 1838 in Washington County, AL.  She was born 20 May 1824 in Alabama, and died 20 Sep 1883 in Texas.

photo used by permission

Matthew and his brother, William Peter Cartwright, both fought at the Battle of San Jacinto.  Matthew served under Captain William Ware’s Company at San Jacinto. In Comptroller’s Military Service Record No. 7256 it is stated that a horse belonging to him was killed during the engagement. Appraisers Jonathan Collard and Lewis Cox fixed the value of the horse at one hundred dollars.

In 1936, the year of the Centennial of Texas Independence, the State erected several monuments.  One of those is at the site of Matthew’s grave at the Cartwright cemetery in Montgomery County, TX.

Children of Matthew Winston Cartwright and Susannah Lorraine Sykes

PLEASANT LEMUEL CARTWRIGHT b. 06 Sep 1840, Montgomery County, TX; d. 06 Jan 1899, Montgomery County, TX
HENRIETTA CARTWRIGHT b. Abt. 1842, Montgomery County, TX
EUGENIA ALICE CARTWRIGHT b. 01 Nov 1847, Montgomery County, TX; d. 28 Sep 1886, Montgomery County, TX
MARY ANN CARTWRIGHT b. 1849, Montgomery County, TX; d. 1879, Montgomery County, TX; m. JOHN B. BUTLER, 1869; b. 1839, Georgia; d. 1894, Montgomery County, TX
WILLIAM FRANKLIN CARTWRIGHT b. 25 Oct 1852, Montgomery County, TX; d. 10 Mar 1893, Montgomery County, TX
MATTHEW DUNCAN CARTWRIGHT b. 1856, Montgomery County, TX; d. 1928, Montgomery County, TX
EDWIN M. CARTWRIGHT b. 21 Aug 1859, Montgomery County, TX; d. 30 Jan 1880, Montgomery County, TX
HEBERD P. CARTWRIGHT b. 30 Sep 1864, Montgomery County, TX; d. 12 Nov 1879, Montgomery County, TX

Genealogical Sources

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