Thomas Peter Cartwright, Jr. and Elizabeth Shaw

Thomas Peter Jr. Cartwright was born in 1776 in Georgia and died in 1845 in Grimes County, Texas.  He married Elizabeth Ann Shaw in 1801 in Georgia.  She was born in 1783 in Georgia and died in 1857 in Grimes county, Texas.

Although many fought in the Texas Revolution, Matthew Winston and William Peter Cartwright had the distinction of serving in the Battle of San Jacinto itself.

Children of Thomas Peter Cartwright, Jr. and Elizabeth Shaw

Williford B. Cartwright b: abt 1802 in Alabama
Maria C. Cartwright b: abt 1803 in Alabama
Lemuel C. Cartwright b: abt 1806 in Alabama
James M. Cartwright b: abt 1808 in Alabama
Clarissa Ann Cartwright b: abt 1810 in Alabama
William Peter Cartwright b: Mar 16, 1813 in Alabama, died Oct. 25, 1844 in Montgomery County, AL
Matthew Winston Cartwright b: Jan 22, 1815 in Alabama, died Dec 4, 1884 in Montgomery County, TX, M Susannah Lorraine Sykes Dec 12, 1838, Washington County, AL
Narcissa Cartwright b: abt 1817 in Alabama
Thomas Peter Cartwright III b: abt 1819 in Alabama
Joseph C. Cartwright b: 1821 in Alabama
Martha Ann Cartwright b: Mar 30, 1825 in Alabama and died June 16, 1896 in Montgomery County, TX, married Louis Laishonce, born abt 1815 in Missouri.

Genealogical Sources

  • Census 1850 Montgomery County, TX, HH 33, Oct 4, 1850
  • Cemetery records: Cartwright Cemetery, Montgomery County, TX

9 thoughts on “Thomas Peter Cartwright, Jr. and Elizabeth Shaw

    • Good to hear from you Keith! I have finished getting my application and documentation together to submit to the Sons of the Republic of Texas on My Cartwright line. I am a descendant of Clarissa Cartwright and John Thomas Blount. Are you a descendant of one of her brothers?

      Robert Keith Bingham

      • Robert, My name is Michael Blount and John Thomas & Clarissa Blount are my Third Great grandparents. My line is then to Francis Marion Blount, John Wilson Blount & Willie Lee Blount. Where do you fall in the family, Mike

  1. my names is sherrie lynn cartwright, 45yrs old and daughter of william peter cartwright sr. he died at age 47 from a bad heart and is burried at cartwright cemetary in montgomery tx. i was only 6 and really dont know anything about my dad or his family but would really like to.

  2. Sherrie, I can’t help with your father. I did not know him, and none of my family knew him either. However, this might help. There is a family reunion for the Blount/Cartwright families (planned by Michael Blount) on April 27, 2013 at 3652 Main Street, Bedias, Texas 77831, which is the Bedias Civic Center. Contact Michael A. Blount at He can tell you more about this, and he might know something about your branch of the family.

  3. Robert and Mike,

    I recently found a photo of Matthew Winston Cartwright, which I had long since forgotten. In my childhood handwriting, on the back is written “Matthew Winston Cartwright.” I can’t really recall, but it must have been found and written on there in connection with an eighth grade genealogy project (about 1976-77) required by my eighth grade history teacher, Martha Gandy, who is still alive, and about 85 years old now. The only way I could have known this (and information written on about 8 – 10 other old family photos) was from Great-Great-Uncle Herbert (who was about 92 or 93 at the time), and who was a grandson of MWC. As I recall, MWC was a brother of Clarissa, but I am not absolutely certain on that. I will scan all of this in the next few months and can provide you a copy if you want. I am in the middle of a major client project right now, and when I finish that project I can scan the pictures. I will also provide this to Russell Cartwright, who Mike met last year. I think Russell and Linda recently found a photo of Thomas Peter Cartwright (Jr.?), but I may be recalling that incorrectly. I will call Russell and Linda and visit with them in the next month or so when I finish this project.


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