Lela Victoria Bingham

LELA VICTORIA BINGHAM was born Novemeber 13, 1913 in Calf Creek, McCulloch County, TX, and died January 06, 2008 in San Angelo, Tom Green County,TX. She was the first child born to Cafford Owen Bingham and Sallie Attaway Bingham. She married Alton Clay Looney, son of William Columbus and Clara Josephine Looney on Oct 20, 1934 in Menard, Menard County, TX.  He was born Dec 14, 1917, in Hext, Menard County, TX and died November 10, 2003 in San Angelo, Tom Green County,TX.  They are both buried in Hext Cemetery, Menard County, TX.

Children of Lela VICTORIA BINGHAM and Alton CLAY LOONEY are:

Virginia Ann Looney b. July 19, 1935, and died Aug 06, 1935 Menard County, TX.

Genealogical Sources

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