Charlie Cohen Craig

CHARLIE COHEN CRAIG was born February 01, 1889 in Alabama, and died March 02, 1981 in Comanche County, TX. He was the fourth child born to SALLIE ANN REBECCA ATTAWAY and Joseph Craig. He married ROSA LEE HENDERSON Abt. 1906 in Comanche County, TX. She was born May 19, 1889, and died March 17, 1989 in Comanche County, TX.


IDELL CRAIG b. Abt. 1909, Comanche County, TX.
ESTELLE CRAIG b. Abt. 1912, Comanche County, TX.
DELMAN COEN CRAIG b. Abt. 1915, Comanche County, TX.
CHARLENE CRAIG b. Abt. 1916, Comanche County, TX.
BESSIE LAURINE CRAIG b. Abt. 1918, Comanche County, TX.
CHARLEY C. CRAIG b. Abt. October 1919, Comanche County, TX.
ALBERT CLARENCE CRAIG b. Abt. 1920, Comanche County, TX.
DENVER LEE CRAIG b. Abt. 1922; m. (1) ANNA W. ROBINSON; d. June 02, 1974, Lubbock, Lubbock County, TX; m. (2) LAVEME, 1976.
GILBERT GENE CRAIG b. Abt. 1924, Comanche County, TX; m. CLEO WILLIAMS.
KENNETH CARL CRAIG b. Abt. 1926, Comanche County, TX; m. IMA JEAN WILLIAMS.
JOHNNIE WELDON CRAIG b. Abt. 1928, Comanche County, TX.

Genealogical Sources

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