Sallie Ann Rebecca Attaway

SALLIE ANN REBECCA ATTAWAY was born December 04, 1860 in Marion County, Georgia, and died August 12, 1932 in Hasse, Comanche County, TX. She was Buried in Board Church Cemetery, Comanche County, TX. She was the third child born to John T. C. Attaway and Belinda Ann Beck. She married JOSEPH CRAIG February 06, 1881 in Marshall County, Alabama. He was born October 15, 1855 in Georgia, and died September 30, 1932 in Comanche County, TX. She was born June 12, 1861 in Monarch, Marion County, Arkansas, and died February 12, 1954 in McCulloch County, TX. He was Buried in Board Church Cemetery, Comanche County, TX.

She was enumerated in her father’s house in the 1860 and 1870 census as “Sarah”. Since Sallie is a nickname for Sarah, it is likely that her name given at birth was Sarah. But she went by Sallie most of her life, and that is the name on her death certificate. In the 1880 census, she was listed as SAR Ataway. Joseph Craig was enumerated two households down as a farm laborer in the home of O. Alford. Sallie and Joseph were married on Feb 6, 1881.

Some years after her father’s death, Sallie and Joe moved to Comanche County, TX and lived in the community of Hasse, Texas. Leeama Attaway Ewing wrote about her own mother and father:

“They moved to Comanche County in late 1889. They first lived there in a log cabin and a tent, and later, after they built the house, they used the log cabin for a barn. And it stood there until 1952 and then somehow it burned down. The family visited back there every summer as Matilda had two half brothers that lived there, and John Attaway had a sister that lived at Hassie, Texas, not far from Suez. The family travelled back there in a hack and had to camp out two nights to make the trip. Until about 1912, John bought his first car. It was a nice big Reo passenger car and our first trip back to Comanche Co. we got stuck in a big sand bed not far from John’s sister’s house. We all had to get out and walk about one mile.”

The sister of John’s that Leeama mentioned was, of course, Sallie Craig. The two half-brothers of Matilda were Joseph Northcutt and George Edward Wood. Sallie and Joe moved to Comanche County from Alabama probably between 1896 and 1898. The Craig family still owns the home Sallie and Joe had in Hasse.


WALTER CRAIG b. December 01, 1881, Marshall County, Alabama; d. June 30, 1884, Marshall County, Alabama.
HATTIE BELLE CRAIG b. February 06, 1884, Alabama; d. January 09, 1915, Big Spring, Howard County, TX.
WILLIAM SMITH CRAIG b. October 25, 1886, Alabama; d. February 02, 1976, Comanche County, TX.
CHARLIE COHEN CRAIG b. February 01, 1889, Alabama; d. March 02, 1981, Comanche County, TX.
JOHN LOUIS CRAIG b. February 16, 1892, Alabama; d. February 08, 1978, Erath County, TX.
LONNIE HENDERSON CRAIG b. November 09, 1894; d. November 22, 1993 in Comanche County, TX. He married JANE INEZ CARTER.
ANN ELIZABETH CRAIG b. March 11, 1898.
ALICE CRAIG b. October 15, 1902; d. December 1982; m. WATLTER BILBREY; b. December 12, 1905; d. November 14, 1994.
Louise CRAIG

Genealogical Sources

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