Billie Bob Kiser

Billie Bob Kiser and John Talmage Bushong

BILLIE BOB KISER was born June 26, 1922 in Calf Creek, McCulloch County, TX. She was the fifth child born to Ollie Othella Attaway and John Talmage Bushong. They had one daughter whose name is not listed, as she was born after the currently released census records.

When asked about the origin of her name, Billie Bob wrote:
"..named for Bob and Billy Attaway, brothers of Ollie (Dollie) Attaway kiser.  Really 
don't know why as they had two boys before me."

Billie Bob states that she was born on Hamby Ranch in Calf Creek, TX.

When asked about her grandparents, she wrote:
"I remember Grandpa standing on the front porch as we came to visit one 
time.  I remember Grannie real well many years, ...telling how they 
would cook a lot and going to church on Sunday for the day.  The children 
would take naps on pallets.  A funny thing Grannie told us about Grandpa 
before they were married, he always wanted to kiss her, so they were walking 
back from church one time with others & he wanted a kiss, so she just 
stopped in the middle of the road & said just kiss until you get tired.  
We had a good laugh."Billie Bob said the oldest person she can remember was
"Grannie Attaway.  I remember sleeping with her on her feather bed, Oh how good it 
felt when you snuggled beside her & the bed just folded you in; also her 
seemingly big kitchen."

Genealogical Sources

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