Leeama Udell Attaway

LEEAMA UDELL ATTAWAY was born April 12, 1899 in Suez, Comanche County, TX, and died June 25, 1993 in Brady, McCulloch County, TX. She was the tenth child born to John W. Attaway and Matilda Virginia Northcott. JOHN WESLEY EWING April 14, 1917, son of JOHN EWING and HELEN ?. He was born June 02, 1894 in McCulloch County, TX, and died December 05, 1984. They are both buried in Calf Creek Cemetery, Calf Creek, McCulloch County, TX.


WOODROW L. EWING b. September 07, 1918, Brady, McCulloch County, TX; m. ? HEMPHILL.
GLADYS FAY EWING b. April 26, 1920, Brady, McCulloch County, TX.
IRENE R. EWING b. April 09, 1923, Brady, McCulloch County, TX; m. EDWARD BOMER, December 26, 1942; b. May 29, 1916, Robston, Nueces County, TX.
BETTY JOYCE EWING b. abt December 1929, Brady, McCulloch County, TX; m. JOHN H. GIFFORD; b. Eden, Concho County, TX.

Genealogical Sources

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